Jackie Robinson Day is the Best of Days…

CORRECTION Jackie Robinson Day Baseball

Today is Jackie Robinson Day. I love this day. Everybody wears number 42… even Mariano Rivera. This is one of my Jackie Robinson baseball cards.

jackie-card-lobshotsHe’s one of my heroes. I’ve written about him a few times before.  Below is the view of my wall from my computer in my home office.


Love this man. Love what he did for baseball… for the country. A real hero. Because of what he did and how he did it, a lot of what you’ll hear about Jackie today won’t have anything to do with what he did on the field… easy to forget he was a badass ball player. Check out this infographic of his career. Long and heavy, but pretty cool.


Cheers to you, Jackie.


[infographic h/t The Score via Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Fly Ball]

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