Why Does Fox Sports SD Keep Letting Me in Their Studio?


Here’s the recap of what’s going down tonight from the boys over at Padres Public.

Rumor has it that a few Padres Public members, and our good buddy Brady from Lobshots, will be appearing on Padres POV tonight at 6:00PM on Fox Sports San Diego (Cox 56/1056, AT&T 776/1776, DirecTV 694). It is a fantastic show that is hosted by the even more fantastic Megan Olivi.


Make sure you tune in and count how many Jeff Cirillo references there are and tweet us your comments using the #PPLive hashtag.

They just can’t leave the Jeff Cirillo thing alone, can they? We had a good time, we filmed this bad boy on Monday in this Fox Sports San Diego “man cave” as they call it.

FSSD-man cave

As always, thanks to Megan for putting up with us. Will be interesting to see how they edit out the f*bombs…


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