Four EL Magazine is Going to Rock Your World


Allow me to introduce you to Four EL Magazine. It’s awesome. That cover story on the Padres and Jedd Gyorko? It was my honor to write it for the fine folks at Four EL. Pretty big deal for me considering it’s their inaugural issue of the magazine. It’s so fresh that tonight is the premiere party at the Belly Up in Solana Beach. I’m pumped to be a part of what these guys are doing. Here’s an excerpt from the print magazine, as their web launch has yet to go live.


I had fun writing and the Padres are already doing a lot better than we were when we sent this badboy to print. Speaking of print, this is definitely the first Lobshots ad that has ever graced the pages of a magazine.


Don’t you go dyin’ on me! To many more awesome issues, Four El…


[magazine pics via @tommygibbs]

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