The Best Band on the Planet Just Changed Their Name


This is a real mind blower. I’ve told you guys about a billion times about my favorite band on the planet, Uncle Daddy. There no counting the amount of times I’ve had to answer the question, “Uncle Daddy? The hell kinda name is that?” Welp, you’re all in luck, they’ve changed their name. I love it. TJ Stafford… the man, the myth.

I genuinely love these guys… and their music. Best ever.

Here’s the breakdown from  the band’s Tumblr page.

I brought the guys of Uncle Daddy together in the summer of 2007 -a little haphazardly- to perform some bastardized bluegrass music for a benefit concert. It was good. The benefit, not the bluegrass. We may have missed the mark with our calling but we enjoyed playing together which in and of itself is a miracle here in L.A. worthy of its own benefit. Realizing that, we decided to continue to get together to write and jam.

At that point we didn’t really have a band name, nor did we necessarily want one, but in the middle of a writing session our cellist, Jacob Szekely, after a particularly drunken riff, declared, This is some backcountry bullshit. We should just call ourselves Uncle Daddy. There was no gavel that dropped declaring it official, but for simplicity’s sake we deemed the group as such…Sort of. Later that same year we went in to record our first project aptly titled TJ Stafford: The Uncle Daddy SessionsYou can listen to a track here. We recorded the 5 songs in a 48 hour studio session that included a lot of coffee and lost innocence. Coffee and lost innocence continued to go hand in hand with our music, but my name did not.

Soon after that first release we dropped my name to get away from the singer-songwriter vibe and brought Uncle Daddy in all its inbred glory to the forefront. The inbred glory served us well to begin with because we, like real life uncle daddies, were a little unrefined. Unlike those in real life though, we were self aware enough to realize our unrefinedness. And we wanted to change. Our music, thankfully, did. It did and has continued to progress quite nicely. Our name, though, continues to suggest something otherwise. And to make it worse, there are other bands with the name Uncle Daddy who are, in the words of a verified English major, extremely shitty. Seriously, not good. I’m embarrassed we shared a name. As a matter of fact, just thinking about it makes me long for a scalding hot shower, a pumice stone, and the Shawshank soundtrack. But I digress. Wow, I’ve been waiting a long time to express that publicly.

Point being? We’ve outgrown our name. In lieu of going with just a symbol that I was actually pretty stoked on, we’ve decided to move forward by coming full circle (stay with me), and using my name. The band itself hasn’t changed, the music hasn’t changed outside of the natural changes that musical evolution brings, and the Uncle Daddy vibe you’ve come to know and hopefully love will continue to abide much as the Dude does.

Finally, I would personally like to say thank you. Thank you for being fans. As musicians we get to participate in miracles every time music is created and you make that possible. Actually, not only possible, but you are an intrical part and vital participant in that miracle. Also, thank you for hanging with us during this change. I promise to make sure the experience you’ve gotten thus far only gets better and far more ‘miraculous’ for everyone.

These are your new hip locales to find out everything that’s going on:
@tjstaffordmusic (instagram & twitter)

In addition, we have some brand new music for you. The song is called Chary and you can download it here.

Like I said… love this move, love this band. Getcha some…


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