1998 Padres Throwback Night…

1998 padres

I’m friggin’ pumped for this 1998 Padres throwback night tonight. If you think it’s silly to honor a team that got swept in the World Series… well, welcome to San Diego! Sure, this would be silly if it were the Yankees… but it’s not. It’s the Padres, who lost to the Yankees, and it’s the best they’ve ever done. Most think it’s the best team SD has ever had. So have fun with it. FSSD is going to … here’s what they’ve got going on.

San Diego – FOX Sports San Diego (FSSD) will bring viewers a unique Padres telecast Friday as the team honors the 15th anniversary of the 1998 National League Championship team with the second Retro Night of the season.

Friday’s Padres vs. Diamondbacks telecast will be transformed to take viewers back to the legendary 1998 season. Familiar voices from the ‘98 telecasts will be heard as former Padres TV broadcaster Mel Proctor joins his old partner Mark Grant to call the game. Joining the duo in the booth will be legendary Padres player and member of the ’98 team Tony Gwynn. Current graphics and mic flags have been replaced with those incorporating the ‘98 logos of both teams and flashbacks to the many great moments of the ‘98 season will be shown throughout the game.

FOX Sports San Diego’s Padres Live pregame show hosted by Mike Pomeranz and member of the ’98 team, Mark Sweeney, has been extended to a full hour. The show will featurecoverage of the Padres on-field ceremonies as well as a special package on the ’98 season including interviews with Sweeney, Manager Bruce Bochy, Former GM Kevin TowersPitcher Trevor Hoffman, Right Fielder Tony Gwynn, and Pitcher Andy Ashby.

FOX Sports San Diego’s coverage begins at 6:00 PM with Padres Live followed by live game coverage beginning at 7:10 PM.

Will be pretty cool to see. Go Pads.


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