Ryan Mathews Arrested Outside of SideBar?


Examiner.com – San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews was arrested Jun. 30 at 8:45pm outside an up-scale San Diego nightclub, SideBar.

One witness, David Nieto aka Dj Wired, reported seeing a group of five Hispanic males inside the club proceed to speak to Mathews and another black male. All men including Mathews were described as intoxicated. The altercation took place outside the club gate where everyone smokes. Witnesses say words over a female were exchanged and Mathews reportedly knocked one male out cold and the individual was taken to UCSD medical hospital.

Both Mathews and his associate were arrested outside the nightclub. San Diego Police Department could not comment at the time what charges Mathews may face or any further details. All this just after ESPN reported on Jun. 14 that Mathews was reported to be the target of “mean tweets” Mathews says, “I’ve had people say they hope me and my mom get AIDS and die.” Stay with our story as we article follow this breaking news.

Wonderful news, if true. **UPDATE: U-T is reporting that SDPD said they did NOT arrest Ryan Mathews. Sweet story, Examiner.com” You’ve got to be smarter than this, Ryan. You simply must be. You “knocked one male out cold” did you? Who’s that remind you of?



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