Tom Garfinkel, Padres President and CEO Resigns…


SAN DIEGO – Peter Seidler, lead investor of the San Diego Padres, and Ron Fowler, Executive Chairman, announced today that they have accepted the resignation of Tom Garfinkel as President and CEO of the team.

Both Fowler and Seidler expressed their appreciation for Tom’s many contributions to the Padres over the last four years. Fowler will assume Garfinkel’s responsibilities on an interim basis until a new President and CEO is hired.

Terrible news. Some will think this is great… but I loved Tom Garfinkel. He was a great friend to LobShots. Ron Fowler, on the other hand, who I have met and spoken with, couldn’t possibly be less connected to the fan-base. This will leave a giant void that Garfinkel once filled. Can’t wait to find out what actually happened here. Garfinkel was one of the last remaining pieces that held his ground under the post-Moorad regime in the Padres front office. He lasted a year… almost. Time for new management to get their own guy, I guess. It will probably surface that he was pushed out. Nobody “resigns” from a job they love. I have no clue. Pure speculation. Still processing this… ugh.

Well, here’s to hoping they bring in a San Diego guy that understands the community and fan-base… no time is better than now to BRING BACK THE BROWN.


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