Bob Filner Was Hitting On Military Rape Victims? Get This Dirtbag Out of Office


Don’t get me wrong, he should already be out of office… but this is the last straw. With each new accuser, the answer becomes crystal clear: Bob Filner needs to resign. He could also benefit from a good ass-kicking. He’s a terrible person. Go read this CNN story about how he preyed on women who had been raped while they were in the military. He’d go to National Women’s Veterans Association of America (NWVAA) meetings, an organization formed to be a safe haven for military sexual assault victims… and he’d hit on them.

This dude disgusts me. Poster child for dirty old men. Face of a mackerel.

He will stop at nothing to hit on women… and he doesn’t have a “type” of woman he hits on either… if you are female, he will hit on you.

filner accuser


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