I’ve Never Received 100 Retweets on Anything…


…until now. Just pathetic. Don’t get me wrong, the screengrab of Will’s family is gold, but that’s gonna be my first 100 RTs? Terrible. Oh, and it’s not even Miley they’re reacting to… it’s Gaga. Whatever, equally terrible. The VMAs have become this bizarre mix of real talent and everybody else that just tries to out-weird each other and completely drown out the talent and actual results of the award show.

I have no clue who won anything last night, but I can tell you what Gaga was wearing, how JT completely stole the show for the N*sync “reunion”, the faces that Drake and Rihanna made during Miley’s freaky weird performance when she was grinding on foam fingers and twerking on Robin Thicke’s junk during Blurred Lines. I can tell you all that… and not a single winner.

C’est la vie…


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