LG Advertising is Walking a Dangerously Fine Line…

YouTube Preview Image

Awesome advertising. Amazing image. Beautiful huge TV. I want one. That could be the end of the blog, right? Sure, if I didn’t have a soul.

Don’t get me wrong… this is just awesome to watch. People love raw human reactions to crisis situations. This commercial, a crystal clear image… so clear that everybody thinks it’s a window and they’re dying. Imagine being these guys thinking you’re in a job interview only to find out you’re being secretly filmed so LG can profit off you thinking you’re dead. Funny prank! They may not have died, but they probably lost 5 years off their life. I’d sue LG for the dollar equivalent of whatever 5 years of my life is… so about $50 billion. Have you ever thought you were breathing your last breath? I haven’t. I bet it’s terrible.


Here I am sitting in some terrible job interview. Woah, things just got more terrible! I can feel the shaking! Here comes the freaking apocalypse! The world is ending! Run for cover! We’re all gonna die! It’s dark! Is this heaven? Hello? *lights on* *laughter* Oh, it’s just a funny prank? I’m alive? Ok, good. *punch everybody in the room in the face* Get your lawyers ready…. a $5 billion lawsuit is coming your way. Worst prank ever, LG.


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