No Big Deal, Just a Biblical Plague of Shrieking CRICKETS Terrorizing Oklahoma: Swarming Buildings, Eating Each Other & Smelling ‘Like Rotten Meat’


DM – It’s cricket mating season in Oklahoma and unusually massive swarms of the frisky bugs are terrorizing the state’s residents.

Not only does the field cricket have a noxious odor and shrieking chirp, it has a tendency toward cannibalism so killing them only makes things worse.

Residents say the insects tend to congregate and feed on carcasses of their dead brethren, but they’re covering every street, sidewalk, and building so there’s no way to avoid the occasional crunch.

I kid you not. One cricket can ruin my day. One. If I hear that shrieking leg-rub and I can’t find that little effer… It’s game-over for my day. Most annoying thing in the world. I cannot begin to fathom living in downtown Oklahoma right now. Midas whale Might as well be little insect versions of Children of the Corn infesting the city. Just terrible. Head over here to see more pics and read more about these disgusting shriekers.


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