Get a Load of These Idiot Brazilians Living With 7 Tigers…

Brazil's Tiger Family

Brazil's Tiger Family

Brazil's Tiger Family

Oh look, how cute! A tiger! Awwwww…. seven of them?? Adorable! Right?

Wrong. These adults should all be arrested for child endangerment. They’re idiots. The New York Post just posted a ton of pictures of the stupidest family on the planet. Let the baby sit on the tiger? Good call, you morons. Looking at these pictures… although fascinating… is infuriating. Ever heard of Siegfried & Roy? They thought tigers were all cute and cuddly and tame too until one of them got their face mauled off. These are tigers. These are not pet cats. Nobody has deserved to be eaten by a tiger as much as these idiots.

*takes deep breath… acknowledges tons of aggression and name-calling… sorry*

Get rid of the tigers and protect your family. You’re asking to die.

Brazil's Tiger Family

This one actually made me laugh because I’d have no problem at all with the tiger eating that rat.


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