Jake Peavy Deserves a Trophy For Serving Up This Grapefruit to Todd Helton


I love this so much. Say what you want about stats and the integrity of the game and whatever. Screw all that. This is integrity. Total selfless act. What Peavy did for Helton here is class on class on class. Do I have a massive man crush on Jake Peavy? Yes. That’s well documented. So what. Helton’s been with one team his entire career… never mixed up in steroids like many of his peers. The Sox have the playoffs locked up, they’re already up 3-0 in the 2nd, and Helton is playing the final home game of his career at Coors. You’re damn right you serve up a home run on a silver platter. Love this move more than this blog can explain.

“It was kind of surreal,” Helton said. “I hit it and I’m like, that’s a homer. But I really wasn’t sure. I thought, ‘That couldn’t really happen.’ I think Peavy just did me a favor. He’s a good dude and he probably just helped me out right there.”

Moments like that just give me one more reason to love baseball…


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