“His Name is Bilbo…”

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This isn’t the first timeor second time… that I’ve blogged a Hobbit trailer.

No point in re-writing what I already said about the Hobbit…

I know I play a tough guy sometimes here in the blogosphere, but this is the kind of stuff I geek out for. You’ll never find me waiting in line at midnight dressed with huge hairy feet and a dirty cloak, but I do love me some Middle-Earth. Years ago, I powered through the Lord of the Rings book trilogy in a matter of weeks… then re-read the Hobbit shortly after because I didn’t remember much from the time I first read it in Jr. High. When the LOTR movies came out… loved ‘em. LOVED. So, I’m pretty pumped for this here Hobbit flick. Peter Jackson does a great job… and this trailer reflects it. Insert dork, nerd, geek, ______ comment here. Or… stop pretending to be so damn tough and embrace the beauty of J.R.R. Tolkien.


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