Goodbye Candy Crush, Killer of Productivity

candy crush

Went on a business trip to Montana a couple weeks ago. Didn’t have any games on my iPhone that weren’t for my kids. So I downloaded this Candy Crush crap that everybody talks about. Yep. It’s addictive. Just like everybody said. It’s not even fun. It’s just addictive. Today, in a moment of extreme clarity and self-discipline… I said no. No more. Eff this game. My life and my time are more important. Deleted.

Feels good.

As for the rest of my screen because I know you’re wondering (I know you’re not wondering). It’s mostly self explanatory. Some of it is obscure though. Stat Attack. Baseball stats or something. It was a freebie one day, but normally like $70 or something. I got it. Have never looked at it. Rookies App is amazing. Download it if you haven’t. I downloaded that Buck Hunter game at the same time as Candy Crush… but it needed internet to play, totally defeating the purpose of a game on an airplane. Have yet to play it. The only reason I have FourSquare is to check in at Bub’s for free tots. That’s it. I don’t think I’ve ever checked in anywhere else.

The home screen image is my son’s Halloween costume last year. Homemade. 1984 Padres. Stallion.


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