How is Andy Reid Grinding On Philip Rivers Not a Penalty?


Still waiting for an explanation on this. What the hell happened here? I mean, I get that Rivers was trying to talk to the refs, and Reid didn’t want him talking to the refs so he tried to box him out, or spot-weld him, and grind him, whatever. But there is actual contact made there.

What if this was the other way around? What if Reid was jawing with the ref and Rivers came up and literally used his butt to knock Reid out of the way. That’s a penalty flag, right? These aren’t rhetorical questions. I don’t know the rules. Physical contact in an aggressive manner between players and the opposing coach? What’s the ruling there?


Would LOVE to know what kinda golly-gee thing Rivers said to the walrus after Reid butt-checked him.


[both GIFs via @corkgaines, a great twitter follow]

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