Have You Seen an Exploding Sperm Whale Today? Now You Have.

Guardian – A dead sperm whale explodes in the Faroe Islands as a man attempts to open its stomach. The mammal’s insides suddenly surge open as the man in protective costume runs to shield himself from the slime. Sperm whales are not killed on the Faroe Islands. This whale had died of natural causes

OH. MY. Can you imagine? This guy is the luckiest dude on the planet. What if he was standing one foot off to the right? Gut blast city. BLAMMO!

Real talk. If your job involves cutting open dead sperm whale stomachs… isn’t this explosion possibility something you’d be aware of? Dumbest, luckiest bastard ever. Think any got into his mouth? Little bile shot? Vomit everywhere.


[lobbed by David]

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