Philip Rivers is Dominating the Fashion Game


If you haven’t watched Philip Rivers on the NFL Network post-game interview, you are missing out. You must watch it. It’s absolutely amazing. What a stud.

rivers-bolo-close-upThere was the jacket and, the BOLO TIE, that I am clearly obsessed with… but it didn’t stop there. Get a load of these rattlesnake boots that P. Riv is rocking. Takes ’em off right on set.


Boom. Sets up ’em right up on the desk like it’s no big deal. SO good.


Best part… check out his friggin’ socks. Inside out. Philip Rivers couldn’t care less. I just love it. Uh, hey NFL Network guys… what’s that you got stashed under your desk? A little Broncos cheerleader calendar? I see you.


By the way, if you’re looking for some rattlesnake skin boots, look no further, for a cool $390.00, you too can rock Philip’s style.

I love you, Philip Rivers. I love you and your style.


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