Is This The Cockiest Tweet of All Time?


That’s a tweet from John Dean Spanos, the Chargers Executive Vice President of Football Operations, after they beat the Broncos on Thursday Night Football. “Thanks for the warning, posted directly outside our locker room. It would seem we took all the precaution necessary!

I love this. I love it so, so much. So cocky. “Oh, you’re the best team in the AFC? We just punched your altitude and your team in the mouth, but thanks for warning us we might get sick in your big-boy stadium.” So good. That’s the kinda fire you want from your teams ownership family. Just great.

The cockiness of that tweet is matched only by the arrogance of the Broncos posting that sign directly outside the visitors locker room. Starting it off with “regardless of fitness level...” – ha! Time to step up your mind-game game, Elway.


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