San Diegans… You Play Lacrosse? Do Some Good With It


That’s Aaron Loy and his folks. I don’t know Aaron. In fact, I’ve never heard of him until today. Below, I’ll paste his story, and info about his one day lacrosse shootout to raise money and bring awareness to an extremely aggressive strain of Neisseria (bacterial) meningitis.

As you know, since you’re here, I’ve got this sports website here in San Diego that a lot of you read, so I might as well try to help out a kid that lost his legs to a nasty bacteria while he was in college. If you don’t use your exposure for good, you’re doing it wrong. Good luck to you and your event, Aaron. Prayers for you and your recovery. Highly encourage any lacrosse players to head out to support this event. Even if you can’t go… if his story moves you to, you can still give.

Aaron’s Story:

While away at college in November 2013, Aaron became ill with an extremely aggressive strain of Neisseria (bacterial) meningitis for which there is not a U.S. approved vaccine. While meningococcal disease is often fatal, doctors were able to save Aaron’s life but unfortunately had to amputate both his lower legs after the meningitis led to sepsis (blood infection) and disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) which caused these severe complications. Antibiotics have since eradicated the meningitis, however Aaron now faces a long and challenging road to recovery.  You can read more  about Aaron’s story and updates at

Aaron’s Event: Saturday, December 28th from 9am-9pm at La Costa Canyon High School

The Aaron Loy Lacrosse Shootout is a one day lacrosse event to raise money and bring awareness to an extremely aggressive strain of Neisseria (bacterial) meningitis for which there is not a U.S. approved vaccine.  To hear more about Aaron and his story please visit the “Aaron’s Story” tab.  This event is designed to bring lacrosse players of all ages together to support one of our brothers in the lacrosse community.

The event is set for Saturday, December 28th from 9am-9pm at La Costa Canyon High School.  We will have 12 games featuring players from all different ages.  All games will be officiated and will have 25 minute running halves with a 5 minute half time.  Player’s are required to provide all equipment including a mouth piece.  Below is the times for each game:

  • 2nd-4th grade, 9:00am-9:55am
  • 5th-6th grade, 10:00am-10:55am
  • 7th-8th grade, 11:00am-11:55am
  • 9th grade, 12:00pm-12:55pm
  • 10th grade, 1:00pm-1:55pm
  • 11th grade, 2:00pm-2:55pm
  • 12th grade, 3:00pm-3:55pm
  • College level (18-22 years old), 4:00pm-4:55pm
  • Post-Collegiate (23-29 years old), 5:00pm-5:55pm
  • Masters (30-39 years old), 6:00pm-6:55pm
  • Grand Masters (40-49 years old), 7:00pm-7:55pm
  • Legends (50 years old and up), 8:00pm-8:55pm

We will only allow a maximum of 50 players (4 goalie, 16 defense, 18 midfield, and 12 attack) per game, so any one that wants to participate needs to register under the “Register” tab.  Please list what age division and position you play.  This is a first come, first serve basis and we will be closing the registration on Friday, December 27th at 12pm.  A liability waiver will be emailed to you once you have registered. All players will also be required to sign the liability waiver and bring it on the day of the event in order to play.  Players that are under 18 will need a waiver signed by their parents.  Each player will be required to bring cash or check to the day of the event for a minimum donation of $25. Checks should be made out to the “Aaron Loy Recovery Fund.”

This will be a great event and a great way to show your support for Aaron while doing something that he loves, playing lacrosse!  If you are not able to attend but would like to make a donation please visit the “Donate” tab and make a contribution to Aaron’s Help Hope Live – In honor of Aaron Loy account.


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