Kid Hits UNBELIEVABLE Shot… Twice.

This kid. You gotta be kidding me. I watched this video and thought, “Wow. That’s really cool. This small town kid just had a moment, he got really lucky in the perfect moment and now he’s living it up. Good for him. Love it.” That was that… then I watched until the end of the news segment, and when he nailed that shot again on the FIRST TRY, my jaw literally dropped open, my eyes widened, and I just stared at my computer in shock for a good 10 seconds, thinking, “NO WAY THAT KID JUST DID THAT… ”

Just unbelievable. I’d have guessed lightning would strike him in the middle of that gym while shooting before that kid drained that second shot on the first try. Unreal.

You thought that kid was a hometown legend after the game winner? Fuhgettaboutit now. Hero status.


[lobbed by john gennaro]

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