Huge Padres Uniform Conspiracy!



eBay – This belonged to my Mom who was a die-hard San Diego Padres Fan.  She bought him at the Stadium Gift Shop in 1970.  I have never seen another one…ever on Ebay.  He is made of a hard rubber.  Has moveable arms, legs, baseball glove and head.  Padre ball cap is removable and made of a felt-type material (but sturdy type)  Head and Body are baseballs.  He can sit or stand.  He is 7″ tall.  Has very few flaws for age.  Really quite adorable!!!  A great addition for any collector.  Any questions please email me.

Incredible! The Padres were selling their 1985-1990 logo and jersey on dolls in 1970! This is a conspiracy! That, or we’ve got an innocently uninformed daughter selling her mom’s stuff on eBay. One or the other.

Kidding aside. I love that doll. I’d buy it for $10.00 all-in cost.

Bring back the brown.


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