Walter White in Godzilla?


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I actually like the trend in Hollywood… keep re-making bad sci-fi and superhero movies until they’re good. This is one helluva Godzilla trailer. I’ve seen a bunch of people talk about it… and man, Bryan Cranston is no more… it’s “Walter White Godzilla this, Walter White Godzilla that…” I never got into Breaking Bad. I know I’m in the minority here, but just wasn’t my thing. As for Cranston, I bet he’s thrilled to not be known as Malcolm in the Middle‘s dad anymore, but I’m guessing he wouldn’t mind shedding the image of ONLY being known as the bald meth guy either.

A handful of examples on twitter:



It goes on and on like that… MTV even took it upon themselves to mash it up.

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Maybe this’ll be the movie where he breaks the mold. Doubt it.


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