The Padres are Dominating the ‘Vine’ Game

Picnic table power! Love it. Gotta admit… I’m very impressed with the Padres Vine game. They’re killing it. They’ve been posting their mini-videos to the official team twitter feed. Yesterday, the Padres were able to grab a Vine of two home runs… the first was Carlos Quentin’s first AB of the season… a jack.  

Shortly after… they were able to grab a home run from Yonder Alonso. Two for two!

If you’ve never used the Vine App, you don’t know how impressive that is. You only have one chance. You have to hold your finger down while the app records whatever you’re pointing at. When you let go, it stops, and when you press down again, it starts back up. So if you miss it live… there’s no going back to fix it. Once you’ve filled up about 6 seconds, you’re done. So how did the Padres capture those two jacks? Are they recording every freaking swing, and only posting the ones that are home runs? I went ahead and asked yesterday.

I got an answer, and I’ve screengrabbed them below from the Padres Director of Communications, Dave Holtzman, and the Padres Communications Assistant, Patrick Kurish, who is the man behind the Vines.


Dr. Vine, indeed.


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