Because I’m HAPPPPPPPPPPPPY……. *cries*


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So, there it is… Pharrell crying on Oprah. I know that some sappy people are gonna say, “OMG this is so adorable” and some bitter people are gonna say, “Give it a rest, dude. You’re a bazillionaire and you’ve had a bazillion hits, so stop crying, shutup.” Right now you’re asking yourself… which one are you, BP?

Funny you should ask, I’ll tell you… I’m the sap. Shocker, I know. Full disclosure, I love Pharrell. Loved him before this song. More importantly, I have a 4.5 year old daughter and a 2.5 year old son. Every single night after dinner, we put this song on repeat and have a dance party at my house. My wife, my daughter, my son, and me… dancing around like idiots to Pharrell’s Happy… every night. I love it. The joy that it brings my kids… that it brings me. It’s overwhelming. Yes, I’m overwhelmed by the joy this song brings my family.

So I can’t fathom what Pharrell must feel knowing that he brings that kind of joy to families everywhere all across the world. When he starts crying on Oprah… I start crying. Waterworks City. I couldn’t stop. Pharrell held himself together better than I did. Would I have reacted that way if I didn’t rock out to that song with my kids every night? I don’t know. I don’t care. I’m happy.

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