The Original Trailer For “The Princess Bride”

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It’s a funny thing. A movie that I can quote almost in its entirety… and I’ve never seen the trailer. Makes sense. I probably didn’t even see the movie until the early ’90s. I was 9 years old when it came out. I think this is gonna become a ‘thing’ for me. Find movies that I absolutely love… classics… and watch the trailers.

Trailers in the ’80s were TERRIBLE. Did you see how many spoilers were in there? Amazing how far the cinema industry has come in the art of making trailers. I LOVE The Princess Bride and that trailer doesn’t even make me want to see it. Nowadays, they can take an absolutely crap movie and make an amazing 1:30 trailer that will make everybody want to see it. You’ve come a long way, Hollywood… you deceptive, manipulative bastards.

*updated from the comments: a very good re-make of the Princess Bride trailer*

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