CBS Chief White House Correspondent Blasts The Padres


Major Garrett, coming in HOT! That’s a series of tweets from the CBS News Chief White House Correspondent, and big time Padres fan. Dude has over 106,000 followers on Twitter and he took the Padres to task. (Thank you Matt Hall for doing the leg work compiling those tweets) Is he wrong? Nope. He’s dead on. As right as he is… how great was the Padres response?  

I mean, what else are they supposed to say to that? I’m impressed they responded at all. They just got ‘Boom, Roasted’ all over their faces and they just basically say, “Thanks!” Haha. I love it. Now, I’ll love it even more if they listen to him. That’s how sports work, right? Fans tell ownership what to do and ownership just does it?

Wanna know what else the Padres did right? They invited him to come on #PadresSH as a guest.

Smart move on their part. I wonder if he’ll oblige when he comes to town? Now go get a bat or two, Padres.


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