Nice Backpedal Job by the 10News Headline Writers…


Pro tip: The “Good Samaritan” never beat the crap out of anybody. Did these dudes do the right thing by stopping this dirtbag car-jacker? Of course. Did they maybe get a little carried away when they continued to drop haymakers on his dome when he was motionless on the ground? Probably. Either way, carjacker idiot had to be stopped. Laughed when I saw that 10News was calling these dudes Good Samaritans, only to have a bunch of their viewers (I guess?) get all butt-hurt and have them change the headline to read “Witnesses.” Good times.

Also, this dude is flat out the worst car-jacker ever. Tries to steal a car with a mom and baby inside and then runs directly into a pole? Get outta here with that noise.


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