¡Felipe Rios!


Yes! Yes! Yes! I love this. I need this puppy blown up into poster size for my garage. And I need about a dozen of these trading cards.

I don’t know the origin of Felipe Rios, but I’m guessing someone on the Chargers sub-reddit first created him. I’ve seen variations of it floating around the internet for over a year. If anybodys know who first created it, hit me up. As for the origin of the photograph, I immediately recognized the image they used from an old ESPN the Magazine cover…


That magazine was from December 4, 2006. Here’s the best mock-up I’ve seen.


Question, do people think this is racist? With San Diego so close to Mexico, a huge contingent of the Chargers fan base is Hispanic. “Felipe Rios” is obviously the literal translation of Philip Rivers into Spanish, and he’s wearing a sombrero and they gave him a handlebar mustache and sideburns, so I understand how some people could be sensitive to that. I’m not sure. I certainly don’t think so, I think it’s hilarious and I love it…  but then again, I’m not Mexican.

Oh, and if you’re wondering who the quarterback was for the Chargers for that 1971 Topps card above… wonder no more.



[lobbed by Scully]

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