Holiday Wonderland at Petco Park is Here!


It’s here! It’s tonight. I’m going. I genuinely can’t remember being this excited to take my family to a holiday event. I love Christmas. I love doing fun holiday events with the family. A snow hill, Santa Claus, Frozen characters, an ice rink, a giant tree, a Candyland… the list goes on. This is going to be a complete Petco Park transformation. I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old, and I’m so pumped. They have no idea the magic that awaits them. Honestly, even if I had no kids, I would 100% take my wife on a date night here. I know this sounds over-the-top cheeseball, but I’m not kidding, I love that the Padres are doing this. LOVE.

I haven’t ever heard of another Major League team doing something like this. I think this is going to become a game-changer. I think it’s going to set an industry standard. Mark my words, cities with MLB teams all across the nation are going to do this next year and they’re going to use Petco Park as the model on how to make it happen.

Oh, and if you’re a fan that’s approaching this event as a money grab by the Padres that need to focus on getting a big bat in the lineup instead of Holiday events… I have thoughts on that….

This event and free agency/product on the field have NOTHING to do with each other. Nothing. If anything, the Padres are bringing in extra money from the event. Maybe they’ll buy Matt Kemp with your popcorn money. 

Here are a few of the tweets from prep and the pre-opening VIP night on Thursday.  

Seriously so pumped to go tonight. Gotta feeling I’ll be taking my family more than once.


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