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Move Over, Toonces…

Fido, feel like going for a walk?   No?   You’d rather drive?   Here’s the thing.  I love fresh ideas.   Here’s an extremely fresh one… made particularly fresh by its utter ridiculousness.  New Zealand SPCA, to increase abandoned-dog awareness, is training … Continue reading

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If You Thought This One-of-a-Kind Camaro Was Offensive…

Yep.  It is a one-of-a-kind.  As you’d expect, a car this loud draws equally loud opinions.  Regardless of which side of the Art v Garbage, racial-firey debate you fall, it’s the designer’s response I enjoyed.   After several venomous comments on … Continue reading

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Battle on the Midway – Lobshots Style, part 2

Ok. Body here. That’s me in the red tank with Mac and Caster. A few (never to be confused with “a couple”) quick thoughts about the Battle on the Midway game between SDSU and Syracuse. Caster gave you his thoughts, … Continue reading

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Battle on the Midway – Lobshots Style

That. Click to enlarge that… an incredible aerial. Our view? It’s right here. So, the atmosphere of Sunday’s Battle on the Midway between Syracuse/SDSU made up for an otherwise sloppy game.  The wind, at 10-15 mph, clearly affected SDSU perimeter … Continue reading

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An Obituary To Strive For…

“He seemed bathed in golden sunlight…”  Alright, not a bad opening line, obit or otherwise.   If that is written about me… by someone else… gotta say…I’d feel I did something right.  You would too, lemon. Socrates apparently said “the unexamined … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Political — Political — I Wanna Get Political

Hey, get off that fence and back to your jobs, Yemenese dudes.   No jobs?   Ok, well, then back to your normal activities.  Beating, marginalizing, and repressing women, right?   Calm down…I’m 10% kidding.  But, why are you smashing/destroying, setting fires, and … Continue reading

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Horton Hears a “Booooo!”

So last weekend, a little Padres baseball staycation weekend, hosting SF Giants.   I decided on Horton Grand Hotel, not because it’s on the same corner as Fluxx, rather its general Gaslamp proximity.  That and the Victorian Era hotel seemed to … Continue reading

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No SDSU? This Top 25 List of Party Schools Sucks

Before you read this blog rant, make sure to carefully peruse this list of the alleged “Top 25” Party schools. This list is utterly absurd, I’ll give it to #1 West Virginia U, I’ve heard it goes off there. Maybe … Continue reading

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Welcome to LA, Steve

  Despite the fact that the driver is wearing a Dodgers hat, you gotta give these guys some credit, they sure know how to make a guy feel welcome. An ice cold (probably closer to luke warm, also known as … Continue reading

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You’re Looking At The New World Champion

If you have a few minutes, watch this interview.  Well worth it.  Never seen this guy fight, and until about 24 hours ago, I had no clue who he was.  But I absolutely fell in love.  Chael Sonnen – such … Continue reading

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