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Want a 20-Year-Old, Three-Person Submarine That’s Never Been in Water? — Only $22 Grand

This has got to be one of my all-time favorite craigslist ads. Click to enlarge. Contains layers of awesome. I sent it over to Body and asked him his thoughts. Enjoy. – bp A “sumbarine” huh? So you’re telling me … Continue reading

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Soda + PS3 + Peanut Butter + Crockpot + Gatorade = Felony

Another edition of… “So that happened…” Compliments of the greater Syracuse, NY area. Croghan, NY—A 28-year-old woman faces a felony charge after she threw multiple items, including a jar of peanut butter, a crock pot insert, and a Play Station … Continue reading

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Federal Court confirms: Stephen Baldwin is no Ray Kinsella

So that happened. Couple of Hollywood heavies… in federal court.  Stephen Baldwin claimed Costner cheated him on a business deal.  Costner says nope, and defends his reputation in court. Here’s a more likely scenario… Costner DID cheat Mr. Baldwin, then … Continue reading

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I Got Yer NASCAR Experience Right Here

Guest blog alert! Caster here.  Since Lobshots spends more time chattering about swimsuit models and spiders and tattoos than ice hockey and NASCAR, here’s a modest car racing plug.  Disclosure: I am a NASCAR fan.  I love the strategy.  I … Continue reading

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Cue the Delonte Slow-Clap Now

Guest post by Body. He was real passionate about Delonte… so I let him run with it. -bp Clap…..Clap…..Clap….. The Dallas Mavericks will be joining basketball enthusiast and President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama in the … Continue reading

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Grandma Tricked Into Growing 7 Marijuana Plants by “Bearded Stranger in a Pointy Hat”

As you know, LobShots is taking an active roll in protecting the community, like trying to stop the Hispanic Hoodie Bandit. Lobsters, protect your neighborhood and keep a look out for this man! He is trying get your sweet old … Continue reading

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Art Show!! One Drunk, Pantless Woman Included Free of Charge!

If someone gave you $30 million and said you HAD to spend it on one of these 2 paintings, which one would you choose? Pretty much a toss up right? Both suck, both look like they were done in about … Continue reading

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How ’bout I Give You a McRib Sandwich Instead of My Wallet?

“Welcome to hell, biaaaaaaatch!“ (BP here, I asked Mac to tell you about Lou Williams…here’s what he had to say) Philadelphia 76ers guard and rising star, Lou Williams, was driving through Philly when a guy with a mask and a … Continue reading

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LobShots Infiltrated the Meadowlands for the Chargers vs. Jets Game

Sadly, as much as I wanted to go to the Meadowlands last Sunday for the Chargers vs. Jets game, I couldn’t make it happen. Instead, as a reward for being our most faithful lobsters, I sent Mac and Body to … Continue reading

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Chargers Opening Game, Qualcomm, Beer and Elite Security

Meet my boys, Mac and Charlie. Mac on the left, Charlie on the right. Those pics are from the season opener at the Q against the Vikings. Mac in a standard shot… double fisted and as patriotic as an American … Continue reading

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