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2012 NFL Draft Winners

**Udpate: If you’re here… you came looking for THIS PHOTOSHOOT… and while you’re at here’s Maxim magazine threatening to sue me because of it** After extreme analysis of all the 1st round picks… we’ve decided on a clear winner. Ryan … Continue reading

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Jim Irsay, You’re a Weirdo

Jim Irsay – The Twitverse blew up yesterday based off BREAKING NEWS from one of the nation’s best sports reporters… Rob Lowe.  Yes, the Rob Lowe of Tommy Boy fame, one of my Top 20 movies of all-time.  I’m still weirded … Continue reading

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In The FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shelden Williams used to only be known for marrying Candace Parker… and looking like Shrek.  But then he did this to himself… Odds are we still aren’t going to remember him either way. -Showman

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Holiday Bowl: The Most Exciting Bowl in the Country

BEST BOWL IN ALL THE LAND!!! Fact.  Every year there are a bunch of “really smart” sports writers who need to fill their article quota for the year by babbling along about which bowls are the most exciting.  Save it.  … Continue reading

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Fat Indian Kid Can Move!

My lobsters, you are welcome. Might be old, but it’s still gold. – Showman (Lobbed by Sloth)

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Soldier Surprises Parents at Bruins Game

I am sucker for this stuff.   You have to be or it’s official… you have no heart.  I love seeing soldiers come back from deployment and surprising their kids at school or on their birthday, it’s freaking awesome.  But this … Continue reading

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