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Kawhi Leonard’s Middle School ID Card

Started from the bottom, now we here…  -bp [lobbed by Gavin]

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KAWHI !!!!!!!!!!!!!

So amazing what Kahwi’s doing on the biggest stage. I love that every promo before the series had the Spurs “big three” in all the advertisements… Manu, Tony, Timmay. Now? Every promo has Kawhi. All Kawhi, all the time. Just … Continue reading

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Kawhi Hair

In a world full of crappy NBA buzzcuts, this cut with Kawhi Leonard and his Mickey Mouse sized paws is incredible. Well done, Rob! -bp [ht Fox Sports]

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Kawhi Leonard… Making A Name For Himself Nationally

Sure, here in San Diego, we all know and love Kawhi, but man… if he keeps dropping playoff highlights like that… the nation will know and love him too. -bp [grab via @jose3030]

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  Ugh. We meant to say “Nets.” — Ryan G. Reynolds (@RyanReynolds) May 7, 2014 This is wonderful. -bp

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Idiocy Defined

Strong take. Idiot. -bp [ht to the amazing @CharissaT]

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Jeremy Lin, Dribbling King

  As Cork Gaines points out, it does look like there’s a weird dribble on outside of left foot. Either way, that’s funny.  -bp

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The only thing wrong with this tweet is the punctuation. No commas, no apostrophe, all caps, and too many exclamations points!!! -bp

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Keep Doing You, Fox & Friends… Keep Doing You

So the Huskies didn’t win the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People? Got it. Congrats, YUKON! -bp [ht Awful Announcing]

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This Photo of Xavier Thames & Josh Davis … Heartbreaker

Teammates til the very end…@Xthames2 helps a limping Josh Davis into the #Aztecs locker room — Marty Caswell (@MartyCaswell) March 28, 2014 Aztecs for life. -bp

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