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Helluva Run, Guys

SDSU was picked to finish, what was it, fourth, in the Mountain West this year? I’d say making it to the Sweet Sixteen and putting up a fight against no. 1 seeded Arizona exceeded expectations. Tough to watch last night, … Continue reading

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Knocking on the Door of the Elite 8: HUGE Game Tonight for SDSU

A little game of Where’s Waldo? featuring your boy, BP. That’s from the Mountain West clinching game against the Lobos. Very cool app called Fanpics where you can find yourself in the arena by entering your seat number. If you … Continue reading

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morons, your bus is leaving. -bp [ht Brett]

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Do NOT Eff with Uncle Teddy During a Broadcast

I realized that some of you may not have heard Ted Leitner’s legendary rant during the final minute of SDSU’s loss to New Mexico. “Had a guy reach over my shoulder, tapping me on my shoulder asking me a question … Continue reading

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The Nerve of This Joker…

I only posted this because it features my favorite move in the history of bro moves… the backpedal while simultaneously flashing the “come at me, bro” hands. “Come at me! … as I run away like a coward… ” – … Continue reading

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Do You Like Popcorn, Rudy Gobert?

That’s Jazz rookie, Rudy Gobert. According to Jeremiah Jensen’s twitter feed, this is Rudy Gobert’s vehicle…. this is funny.   I’m hearing Jazz rookie Rudy Gobert forgot to bring the donuts. This is the consequence — Jeremiah Jensen (@JJSportsBeat) February 24, … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Pierre the Pelican

Turns out when your mascot scares the hell out of kids… you fake that it broke its beak, give it a pretend surgery, wrap it up to heal, then unveil a new cartoony Jay Leno-looking kid-friendly version of it for … Continue reading

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Thank You, Vegas… For Making SDSU Underdogs To Boise State

[editor’s note: last night’s game was remarkable… I asked our resident comedian, and SDSU alum, Dave Rich, to write about it… he obliged.  -bp ] So anyone who saw the San Diego state game last night has to be feeling … Continue reading

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Something’s Fishy with the Search for the Next Executive Director of the NBA Players Association

Some of you might remember, I broke some news about the NBA Players Association’s search to replace Billy Hunter earlier this month. Yay for me. Bloomberg confirmed my breaking news story about Domonique Foxworth being a candidate through its own … Continue reading

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Pretty Cool Photo…

I feel like Lee Jenkins could write an entire article in SI on everything that is going on in this one photo. Pretty cool. Go Lakers. -bp [photo via Jim Davis/Globe]

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