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Amazing Padres Vehicles: Part Deux

Yesterday I posted a picture of an awesome Mitsubishi van, decked out Padres style, that was apparently given away to a fan during the 1987 season. I ended the post with a flurry of questions. Who? What? Why? Where? I … Continue reading

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Audi Advertisers Win the Olympics…

Game. Set. Match. Audi. That’s friggin’ brilliant right there. If I’m in advertising, I find out who made that ad, and I hire them for whatever they ask for. No questions asked. You’re hired. Also, if it’s fake and somebody … Continue reading

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One of the Chargers Just Bought a Tricked-Out Gold Bentley. Any Guesses?

Got an email last night from Mike, a longtime lobster, “Chargers DBs Brandon Taylor and Jahleel Addae blew up instagram this afternoon posting a fellow chargers gold Bentley. They wouldn’t elaborate on who the player is, and I can’t figure … Continue reading

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What The Hell is This Manta GT Race Car Looking Thing?

Saw that bad boy driving in Bay Park on Sunday… kinda looked like a McLaren, right? I looked online and saw that you can buy these things in kits on eBay like this one. A replica of a McLaren or … Continue reading

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How Big of a Lakers Fan Do You Have To Be To Buy This Camaro?

Whoever buys this ride… isĀ guaranteedĀ to have a massive Lakers decal on the hood as soon as they drive off the lot. -bp [via Johnny Charger]

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There Are No Words For How Much I Love This…

TEAM BELLRINGERS!!!! I confess, I’ve never been a “fantansy” champion, so I’m in no place to judge a guy, in 2013, rockin’ a 2008 sticker on his whip. Might’ve been the best moment of this cat’s life. -bp [via the … Continue reading

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The Coolest Kids on the Block, Right Here…

  Look at ’em go. They’re so fast, they’re so furious. This is apparently in Oakland. Raider fans, no doubt. Watching this, I just wanted so, so badly for all of the cars to crash into each other, ruining their … Continue reading

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This Helmet is Neither Bad, Nor Ugly… It’s All Good

I know absolutely nothing about NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer, except that I love his new helmet. -bp [via Clint’s twitter]

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This Guy Does Not Like Haters…

Never change, East County… never change. -bp [lobbed by Gavin]

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Watch Out Boys… “JAG L8DY” is on the Prowl

Spotted this gem leaving La Jolla this weekend. Props to the wifey for snapping a photo. Best part about JAGL8DY? A dude was driving the car… -bp

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