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The Interview Lance Wanted to Give Oprah…

  I’m guessing this will be viral by the end of the day. Only 69k views now. Laughed the entire time watching this… just fantastic. -bp [via Adam]

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My Thoughts on Oprah’s Interview with Lance Armstrong

No, and I don’t carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre. -bp

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Here’s Lance Armstrong Giving You the Middle Finger

Click to enlarge. If you can’t see the middle finger in the photo, squint your eyes and you can see it… seven times, up on the wall, in yellow. Most smug tweet I’ve ever seen. “Back in Austin and just … Continue reading

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Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen…

Nike has fired Lance Armstrong the same day he announced he’s stepping down as the chairman of the Livestrong Foundation. I hate what’s happened to Lance. I hate that he cheated. I wanted so bad for him to be pure … Continue reading

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Biii–CYCLE, Biii–CYCLE, Biii–CYCLE! I Want to Ride My…

I honestly can’t see Lance, or any cyclist, without singing “Bicycle Race” by Queen in my head.  So, naturally, I had no choice but to put my insane bitmap paint skills to work on this one. Side note: “Fat Bottomed … Continue reading

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Say it Ain’t So, Lance

This is gonna shock you lobsters, but I’m not a cycling guy. But as a sports fan with cycling friends, I know a lot about Lance Armstrong and his 7 Tour de France titles that will now, most likely, be … Continue reading

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