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Does FLAVA FLAV Play Hoops for the New Mexico Lobos?

Am I a little bitter about the UNM win over the Aztecs last night? Maybe. But you can’t say that Tony Snell isn’t Flava Flav’s doppelganger. He’s identical. -bp [lobbed by Dave Rich, comedian extraordinaire]

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Get a Load of These Lakers Head Coach Doppelgangers

Obviously, Mr. Pringles as D’Antoni and Mr. Potato Head as Mike Brown are perfect doppelgangers. Phil Jackson as Colonel Sanders is just stupid and not even close. -bp [via]

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You Kidding Me With This Babe Ruth Lookalike?

That. That is Babe Ruth. Wow. That man won a Babe Ruth lookalike contest at Gallagher’s steakhouse in Manhattan. His name is Willis “Buster” Gardner of Oberlin, Ohio. You can read all about him and the contest here. Here are … Continue reading

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Look who just found a set of new best friends for our little platypus friends! How freaking cute are these little orphan owls? Linford and Christie! Remember… no water, and don’t feed ’em after midnight. Also, the risk/reward of owning … Continue reading

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Serious With This Angelina Jolie Doppelganger?

Wow. Uncanny…and I’m in love. -bp [via]

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The People’s Court Guy that Hates Handicaps is Freaking Larry Flynt’s Doppelganger

Yesterday I posted this video, and in the comment section Mac dropped this gem, “What a dick, all the sudden Larry Flynt can walk just fine and he goes and lets that happen?” Gold. Here you have it, folks. You … Continue reading

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Doppelganger Time: Emma Stone and the Mom from OC

I was just staring at that pic of Emma Stone on the Jim Carrey post thinking she looks like a younger version of somebody. The mom from OC. The crazy one. I was right. Right? -bp

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Doppelganger Time! Joakim Noah’s a Dude, Right?

Earlier this week, SI Vault tweeted a picture of a very young Joakim Noah. When I clicked on the link, I immediately thought they¬†mislabeled¬†it. I wasn’t alone, our buddy Larry Brown thought at first glance it was a girl. So … Continue reading

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Doppelganger Time: Jose Bautista is Not Human

Jose Bautista is crushing the ball. Jose Bautista hit 3 home runs on Sunday. Jose Bautista is leading all of Major League Baseball in home runs. Jose Bautista is batting .415 with 13 homers and 21 RBIs in his last … Continue reading

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Bullet Tooth Tony coaches Kansas State

It’s Doppelganger time. Ok, this one’s better. Spot on. Kansas State coach Frank Martin is Bullet Tooth Tony. A little ‘six degrees of separation’ side note: As most of our readers know, Bullet Tooth Tony is Vinnie Jones’ character in … Continue reading

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