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Never Forget

Today We Are One #WeWillNeverForget — DOUG FLUTIE (@DougFlutie) September 11, 2014 13 years. Unbelievable. Prayers to the families of loved ones lost… never forget. -bp

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Ahhhh…. Vacation.

Hello, friends. That’s a photo from LobShots co-founder, Showman’s, bachelor party in Cabo. Showman’s got the white shades, I’ve got the late 80s Padres hat on. The last blog I posted was 2 days before that photo was taken. Feels … Continue reading

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No Cheating in San Diego

Kenny Rogers would never lie to you. You gotta know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em.  If you’re Archie Karas, you also gotta know when to mark ’em. How this story escaped me, I have no … Continue reading

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Everybody head east immediately! The ocean’s gonna freeze! The best part of this screengrab is not the typo, it’s the tagline: “San Diego’s most accurate forecast” – nailed it. I racked my brain for at least 15 seconds for a … Continue reading

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San Diegans… You Play Lacrosse? Do Some Good With It

That’s Aaron Loy and his folks. I don’t know Aaron. In fact, I’ve never heard of him until today. Below, I’ll paste his story, and info about his one day lacrosse shootout to raise money and bring awareness to an extremely aggressive … Continue reading

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“Why Yes… Yes I Am”

Happy Halloween, lobsters! Make it a safe and smart one… -bp [lobbed by crew via imgur]

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Andy Reid Baby Costume, FTW

Love this little guy. The baby walrus. -bp [via]

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Goodbye Candy Crush, Killer of Productivity

Went on a business trip to Montana a couple weeks ago. Didn’t have any games on my iPhone that weren’t for my kids. So I downloaded this Candy Crush crap that everybody talks about. Yep. It’s addictive. Just like everybody … Continue reading

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It’s Halloween Season, Bring Your A-Game, Parents…

Posted this back in 2011… totally worthy of a re-post.   Mind. Blown. Feel Good Freshness! You think your kid’s costume was awesome? News flash… it was weak compared to these costumes. These lil guys are game changers. So, so … Continue reading

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“I Have a Dream” – 50th Anniversary

Great comic today by the UT’s Steve Breen. (much. much better than this one.) Today is the 50th anniversary of one of the most important speeches in human history.   Fifty years later and this speech still gives me the … Continue reading

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