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Hmmmmmmmmmm……. Satan?

Logo placement. — Kevin Kestler (@kkestler) October 10, 2014 That’s unfortunate… I’m sure Barry’s not so bad. -bp

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The Kings Are Going to The Stanley Cup Finals, Home Alone Style

Cruzin’ to the airport like — LA Kings (@LAKings) June 2, 2014 Well played, Kings. Now go win the cup. -bp

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You Must Watch This Hockey Fight Until The End…

I have more questions than answers on this one. Slow start… incredible fight… then high fives and hugs. Hockey fighting and the etiquette behind it is an absolute enigma to me. -bp [lobbed by crew]

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Old… But Very Funny.

Honestly. I just wanted to say that in the history of Lobshots, there has now been back-to-back days where I posted about hockey… even if it just a GIF of refs eating it on the ice. -bp -bp

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19 Year Old Sharks Rookie Scores Four Times… Makes Insane Trick Shot

Not often you’ll find me posting on hockey, but holy crap, who is this freaking kid? Tomas Hertl. Just toying with the goalie… ON HIS FOURTH GOAL. Video here if it didn’t work for you above. Unbelievable stuff. Ballsy shot. … Continue reading

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ESPN Tries to Get Cute With the San Jose Sharks…

Game. Set. Match. Sharks. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that SharkNado on SyFy broke the internet last night. If you didn’t know, are you ever in for a treat… Anyway, love that ESPN thought they could … Continue reading

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Is This a Real Photo of the Blackhawks Parade?

I’m told it’s real… if so, holy crap. Nice work, Chicago. -bp [via]

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Think Luke Gregerson Was Happy the Blackhawks Won?

Terribly blurry, but that photo of Luke Gregerson sprinting was snapped in the bowels of Petco Park right after the Padres beat the Phillies in extra innings. The Blackhawks won the Cup while the Pads game was still going. (Yes, … Continue reading

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Tough Week For Boston Sports Fans, No?

The Blackhawks scored twice in final 76 seconds to beat the Bruins and win the Stanley Cup. Add that to “traitor” Ray Allen’s title in Miami, Aaron Hernandez looking really shady in a murder investigation, and your beloved Celtics coach … Continue reading

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Today’s Edition of “I Love the Internet!”

That’s Boston Bruins coach Claude Julien morphing into Bill from King Of The Hill. Really freaking weird. Go internet! -bp [h/t sportsgrid via reddit]

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