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Clever Without Being Photoshopped

Even though it’s a few days ago… everybody keeps sending me the altered photoshop version of the above photo. I’m not gonna put that one up. You’re skilled googlers, so if you haven’t seen it, have at it yourself. Yes, … Continue reading

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Photos of Paulina Gretzky Never Get Old…

It’s my own fault, but man, it’s getting kinda old… getting emails every day from lobsters that don’t use twitter… “what’s up with Paulina Gretzky? how come you haven’t posted lately?” Geez… come (Freudian slip) calm* the freak down, you … Continue reading

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Fan Sign of the Year so Far?

I think the thing I love about this sign is that it’s so poorly made, and so awesomely written. I know the whole “so and so called and wants something back” is a little tired. But who cares, it’s still … Continue reading

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Love Me Some Mario Lemiexu

“Rock? “r-o-k”?” “Yeah, so what’s your point?” “r-o-C-k” “ooohhh! The “C” is silent!” Gotta hand it to this fan… he was number 66. -bp [h/t sportspickle]

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Cover Girl: Paulina Gretzky

Here’s our favorite twitter follow, the lovely Miss Paulina Gretzky on the cover of Sauce Hockey. She gets hotter by the second. I trust this makes up for that horrible Katy Perry/Paula Deen post I just did. -bp

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Gary Carter Tribute

So sad to hear about Gary Carter’s passing. However, the Montreal Canadiens did the coolest tribute I’ve ever seen. Video and pictures to follow. Seriously. So cool. The gigantic baseball cards on the ice… amazing. We’ll miss ya, Kid. -bp … Continue reading

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Happy Day After Valentine’s Day From Paulina Gretzky

I give you a proper and insanely hot Paulina Gretzky, with some dudes. Now I give you… Not so proper, fun, bending over while holding a kid, and now I feel weird for staring at your…uh, shoes… Paulina. Oh, I left out “insanely … Continue reading

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The Winter Classic is the Best Thing to Happen to Hockey… Ever

Hockey fans will say my headline is an ignorant statement. Well, most lobsters know that I’m not much of a hockey fan. I respect the game and all… just don’t really have ‘a team’ and never really watch games on … Continue reading

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This Isn’t Funny… It’s Gross

“PLAYER KICKED OUT OF LEAGUE FOR DEFECATION IN OPPONENT’S GLOVE FOLLOWING A FIGHT ON THE ICE” This isn’t funny. At all. The only time taking a dump in someone’s else anything is acceptable… is when it’s their toilet. Poop is gross. … Continue reading

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Paulina Gretzky – Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

I call this: “Paulina Gretzky’s First Sexy TwitPic Since The Great One, Her Father Wayne Gretzky, Kicked Her Off Twitter.” Lamest headline ever? How ’bout just: “Wow.” Lobsters seem to have quite an obsession with miss Paulina Gretzky. I’m just trying … Continue reading

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