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The Bro-iest Surfer Bro in the History of Bros

That’s Mason Ho. He’s a professional surfer. He is either dead serious and I’m speechless, or he’s the best actor in the history of mankind… and I’m speechless. So, either way, I have no speech. -bp [lobbed by Jonesy]

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Awesome Pipeline Video Shot With a GoPro Drone

So rad. I wish I had the stones to surf the North Shore. Also, drones are taking over. You heard it here first. Unless you saw iRobot I, Robot*, then you heard it there first… or anywhere else, really. -bp [via … Continue reading

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That’s Not a Wave, That’s a Ripple…

Actually… yep, that’s a wave. Holy EFF! This freaking guy. His name is Carlos Burle. That might just be the biggest wave that anyone has ever ridden. About 100 feet? Unreal. That spot is Nazare in Portugal. Same place that … Continue reading

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Pro Surfer Gabriel Medina Did a Backflip. Impressive.

  Very, very impressive. Let’s not pretend he’s the first to do it though. Hell, I did it last week… started my flip, took off my leash, posed for a picture, hopped back on the board, and rode out the … Continue reading

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This Giant Fish Thing Will Haunt My Dreams Tonight…

Click to enlarge. This morning, I’d never even heard of a freaking oarfish. Tonight, I’ll be kept awake because of them. This makes paddling out for a surf more than frightening than any Great White. -bp [lobbed by LT via … Continue reading

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LoLo Jones Going Surfing in a Nude Wetsuit

LoLo just tweeted that out. Dunno why you’d buy a wetsuit that’s nude colored, with boy shorts and knee pad colors built in…but okay? Am I the only one that immediately thought of Swingers when she wrote “I’m brown.” You … Continue reading

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Big Wave Surfers are Nuts

    So, Garrett McNamara rode a 78 foot wave and now Guinness is recognizing it as the biggest wave ever to be surfed. Dude is 44 years old. Big wave riders are the craziest mofos alive. Every day just … Continue reading

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Man Crush of the Week: Kelly Slater x’s Eleven

My man crush of the week, Mr. Kelly Slater. He is a surfing god. He just won his 11th World Title and is currently floating on top of the surfing world. Dude is just an animal on the waves. To … Continue reading

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A 3-eyed Fish Found Near Nuclear Power Plant? Predictable.

Serious? A real three-eyed fish caught near a power plant in Argentina? If that doesn’t make you want to go surf near San Onofre, I don’t know what does. Story and above picture here. The Simpsons… just way ahead of … Continue reading

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Amazing Video: Surfer Chick Almost Eaten by a Giant Whale

USA Today – This video is going viral and has been featured on several national morning TV shows today. A bikini-clad female surfer and two people in a kayak are floating off Santa Cruz, Calif. — when two humpback whales … Continue reading

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