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Caption This Tattoo

What does it mean? If you’re too sophisticated to shrink your mind enough to figure this out…. scroll down for the answer.             Hey, I recognize that pink donut….         Still can’t … Continue reading

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A San Diego Chargers ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Tattoo? Yup.

Just a good ole boy…never meanin’ no harm. I have no words… okay, I have a few words… Meet Martin Northern, who tweeted that photo, of his new tattoo. Clearly, he’s a fan of the Chargers, America, and the General … Continue reading

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This Dude Feels Worse Than the Broncos This Morning…

I don’t know if this is even real, but if it is… guarantee this guy feels worse than any Broncos players this morning. What an absolute bashing by the Seahawks. Insanely boring game, and the commercials were meh. Very hit … Continue reading

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Saints Superfan Gets a Drew Brees Autograph Tattoo…

So this Saints fan, Scott Routan, went to Saints training camp today. While he was there, Drew Brees signed his arm under his Saints Super Bowl tattoo… he tweeted a photo of it. Three hours later… he tweeted another photo … Continue reading

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Lobshots Linked Up by BuzzFeed… Are We a Big Deal Yet?

Buzzfeed!? The answer to the headline is, “No, you’re just schmucks.” The End. -bp

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Lakers Rookie Has a Torso Tattoo of Mike Tyson, Snoop Dogg & DMX

Well, I didn’t see that one coming. That’s Lakers rookie┬áRobert Sacre. Still waiting for confirmation on whether or not that’s actually a tat of Snoop Dogg or the dreaded Snoop Lion. -bp [via twitter]

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Sweet! Had a buddy that got a very similar tat a few years ago… he LOVES it. Roll damn tide? -bp [via]

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Nice Tat, Puffy…

Puff Daddy must really love “New York” magazine… who wants to get Lobshots tatted on their forearm? I’ll give you $100. (is that a Ben Franklin tat on the artists’ hand? that’s funny.) -bp

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Colin Kaepernick Didn’t Waste Any Time Getting New Chest Tats

I’ve put up photos of Colin’s tats before, but these, clearly, are new. Colin tweeted out that top photo, and here’s a bloodied up shot of him getting the tats. Very tribal-y. -bp [photos via @Kaepernick7, Orly Kukui]

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Colin Kaepernick’s Tattoos

Everybody has seen his arm tattoos, but I had never seen the chest/back tats on Colin. At first glance, I thought it was Legolas and one of his Elf buddies fighting Orcs on his back, but I stand corrected, it’s … Continue reading

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