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Fire Shirt From Federer

Oh, you like your tee? Federer’s is betterer. Love this. They’re $40 a pop online. Too much for a tee… even an awesome tee. -bp [lobbed by John Gennaro]

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Tennis Ball Head

  This guy. What a great looking tennis ball dome. It geniunely looks exactly like the surface of a tennis ball, white lines and all. I love it.   Pass this guy every day on way to Wimbledon. Stopped today … Continue reading

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The Davis Cup Setup at Petco Park Looks Legit

I want to watch tennis on that court. Looks so rad. -bp [photo via USDavisCupTeam]

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Dude Hires Bodyguards and Pretends to be Roger Federer in China. Draws Crowds, Signs Autographs, Takes Photos

Awesome. I think it was the left-handed signatures that really fooled ’em. People are stupid. -bp [from @bryanagraham]

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Hell of a Run by Andy Murray

All the London papers… pretty cool. 77 years is a long time for the Brits to wait for one of their own to win at Wimbledon. His finals win over Djokovic was amazing, but he should also be sending gift baskets … Continue reading

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Andy Murray’s Shaky Eyes Will Haunt Your Dreams…

His girlfriend must’ve seen those eyes at the exact moment this screengrab was taken… -bp [ht cjzero & isaac]

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WARNING: You Cannot Unsee Serena Williams’ Ankle…

So that’s why you lost to Sloane…     *pukes everywhere* -bp [via serena’s twitter]

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WOW: Brooklyn Decker + Andy Roddick = The Bobbits

I just… I mean… I can’t… I’m almost speechless. Serious? How’d this go down? Andy: “Babe, I’ve got a great idea for Halloween…” Brooklyn: “Lemme guess, you want me to dress up all slutty like Paulina Gretzky.” Andy: “No, no, … Continue reading

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PHOTO: Serena Williams is a Physical Specimen

Have mercy. Look at those arms. That’s the lead image on right now. Humor me for a second here. Stare at the picture of Serena Williams. Now, using your mind powers, imagine that photo with short hair… and no … Continue reading

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The Capybara Falls and The Caiman Rises

Massive upset. Rafa lost to Lukas Rosol at Wimbledon. Dude was ranked 100 in the world. Nadal was ranked the same, minus the last two zeros…plus 1. (<—that line was funnier when I thought he was ranked no. 1, not … Continue reading

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