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Does Trevor Hoffman Belong in Cooperstown?

yes. -bp

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Jimmy Fallon is a Genius

I laughed. I cried. I took a trip down memory lane. Brilliant. Aside from Belding, cast looks damn good too. Didn’t think he’d be able to top the Fresh Prince recreation… he just did with Saved by the Bell. -bp

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Jason Verrett Wore a Raiders Beanie. So What.

First thing I thought when I saw that photo? “When was this taken?” As you can see, it was on instagram forever ago, long before he was ever a Charger… so I almost didn’t even bother posting this. Second thing I … Continue reading

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Mind Blown Over This Handmade Bolo Tie

That’s some ingenuity right there, kids. Well done, sir. Very well done. -bp [ht AJ]

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This Guy.

‘DCHE BG’ must’ve been taken. -bp [ht Big Cat]

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Great White Sharks are Everywhere in Manhattan Beach

YouTube – Within 30 minutes we shot at least 3 different Great Whites all within 100yrds or each other. Only 50 yrds from shore! Pretty nuts I liked surfing better when everybody wasn’t carrying a GoPro. Back in the days where … Continue reading

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Phone Home.

That’s a great costume. Ellllll-eeeeeee-ottttttt. -bp [via @BelleOfTheYear]

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Remember When Brian Wilson Didn’t Look Terrible?

The dude without that beard… that’s a good looking dude. Amazing what an “image” will do to someone. -bp

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There’s a Horseshoe on Your Face

Mark Sanchez’s mustache is as awesome as his headband is terrible. -bp [grab via deadspin]

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Richard Simmons is Like Fine Wine…

The Captain is here. A+ blog from Hawaii. -bp

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