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“Hey Seth… Now You Know My Name”

I laughed. -bp

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Aaron Rodgers Would Like ESPN to Know He is NOT Aaron Hernandez

So, it’s not cool to get implicated, even when it’s by accident, as a murder suspect? Aaron Rodgers did not appreciate getting confused with Aaron Hernandez. Aaron Rodgers is a funny dude. -bp [h/t The Big Lead]

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Aaron Rodgers is Having Dinner With Paulina Gretzky

Okay, okay… the title was a tad misleading… but man, the life of elite pro athletes. *checks twitter* Oh look, Dustin’s playing in the Pebble Beach with Wayne Gretzky, I think I’ll grab dinner with them… and Paulina. These guys … Continue reading

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NFL Quarterbacks Chatting on Facebook

Really, really good stuff. LOL’d me about 6 times. The first laugh came from our boy, Philip ‘Golly Jee’ Rivers. The thought of him saying to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, “Damn, you two bitches just got Discount Double SLAMMED!” … Continue reading

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LobShots Thoughts: Chargers vs. Packers

Left to right, that’s Showman, RyDazzle, and me. We went to the Chargers vs. Packers game on Sunday, Gravy took the photo and posted it here. It was an amazing game to attend. High scoring. High drama. High talent. A … Continue reading

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Make it Stop…It Burns My Eyes!

Gross. Make it stop. Love Aaron Rodgers. Hate USC. As we all know, Aaron Rodgers is a Cal guy and his Packers teammate Clay Matthews is an SC guy. Their teams played last week, these two jokers bet on it… … Continue reading

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