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I’m Looking for Ray Finkle – aaaand a Clean Pair of Shorts

That’s not snowflake. Hands down the best costume I’ve seen this year. That’s ESPN’s Andrea Wall, and she pulled off Ace Ventura better than anybody I’ve seen in the 18 years since this classic came out. Well done, young lady… … Continue reading

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My Fantasy Football Team Sucks, But This is Glorious

Click to enlarge. Sorry, Showman. Just not your week, big guy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. -bp

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Just Perfect…

When I googled “kate upton dougie gif” for this Kate Beckinsale vs. Kate Upton post, the above gif showed up in google images. Can’t stop laughing. Made my day… your gun is digging into my hip… -bp

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And A Clean Pair of Shorts…

It’s no mystery to lobsters that I love Ace Ventura… I just did a quick search and I have done six posts mentioning Ray Finkle, one as recently as yesterday. So, when I saw the above photo of a Ray … Continue reading

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Ray Finkle Was Arrested Trying to Crash an Oscars After-Party

Boston.com – Actress Sean Young was arrested after a scuffle with a security guard at the official post-Oscars party, police said Monday. Young, 52, was placed under citizen’s arrest at the Governors Ball at 9:25 p.m. Sunday after the dispute, … Continue reading

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LobShots is Famous…For Threatening to KILL Kim Kardashian

Well, wouldya look at that? I, BP, am being accused of threatening to KILL KIM KARDASHIAN. Have bad eyes? Let me give that to you in a close up… That, fellow lobsters, is a photo of Life & Style Weekly … Continue reading

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Are the Chargers Cursed by Ray Finkle?

I didn’t want to post the above picture. But I felt obliged once my revelation hit me like a ton of bricks. When I first saw the below picture of Novak, I knew it looked familiar. Couldn’t figure out why. … Continue reading

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Fantasy Football is a Fickle Little Bitch

That’s me on the left. I rarely post this kinda stuff, but I just wanted to thank McGahee over the world wide interweb for giving me this jump start to my fantasy team for Week 11. Now, this week aside, … Continue reading

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Brandon Marshall is STILL Batshit Crazy…

(REUTERS/Carlos Barria) So, Brandon Marshall just came out and had this to say about the upcoming Monday Night Football game against the Jets. “I don’t care if I have two, three cameras on me. I don’t care if I have … Continue reading

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Dear Reader: Who is this Mystery Woman?

Good Lord. That. Who the hell is that? So, Palmer Cash is a website that sells t-shirts. A lot of them are pretty funny. I’m on their mailing list. For quite some time I’ve received promotional emails when new tees … Continue reading

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