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Anchorman Inspiration: The Actual 1977 San Diego 10News Team

“The News People are in touch with more people in San Diego than any other news in town.” – “The News People” –┬áhaha. Nailed it. -bp [via @xtra1360ben, @10NewsGriffith]

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Troll So Hard, Dodgers… Troll So Hard

This might come as a shock, but I freaking love this. I mean, aside from the “You stay classy, San Diego” line being old and tired… I love this. Troll away. Light the fire. Get pumped up. So many professional … Continue reading

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He’s Baaaaack….

Just like that… San Diego’s favorite anchorman is back. Ron Burgundy Part 2, ladies and gentleman. It’s about freaking time. Can’t wait. For the record. I love my city, you all know that… but if I never hear the phrase, … Continue reading

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LobShots Thoughts: Chargers vs. Jets

So, as you know, I’ve been out of commission for a few days… but I’m finally feeling better and ready to rip through the San Diego blogging universe. I guess the natural place to start is that pathetic excuse for … Continue reading

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Fox News Gets Real Personal with Schwarzenegger

I friggin’ love Fox News. Just tellin’ it like it is. I’m Ron Burgundy? -bp [thanks for lobbin’ this up, Geoff]

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The TV Commercial That Has a Parking Spot in my Brain

I don’t even drink Heineken. However, the hideousness of those talking basketball commercials that have been showing during the NBA Finals got me to thinking about commercials I liked that have been running a lot. We’ve always been passionate about … Continue reading

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