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Of Course Ludacris was Anthony Davis for Halloween

…and a damn good one at that. Looks just like him. The UNIBROW!!! LUDA!!!!! -bp [via itsludacris instagram]

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Kobe & Lebron Photoshopped with Anthony Davis’ Unibrow

Anthony Davis’ unibrow on Kobe and Lebron? Gross. I know you can’t ever unsee that… and for that, I apologize. -bp [image via SC]

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Congrats to Kentucky, You Lost Me a Few Hundred Bucks

Such is life, right? I’m sad for Thomas Robinson and the Kansas kids… always sad for the losing team. I’m sad I didn’t win money too. But, congrats to the Kentucky players. Well deserved. You guys were the best all … Continue reading

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Anthony Davis’ Unibrow is Taking Over the World

I thought the side by side I did with Bert was gold. This is much, much better. I love that he doesn’t care about it either. No chance he’s shaving that bad boy. Anthony Davis’ mom rocking the unibrow was … Continue reading

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Who Looks More Like Anthony Davis? His Mom Wearing a Unibrow Mask… or Bert?

So, Anthony Davis’ mom got in on the unibrow fun. That’s her wearing a mask that Kentucky fans have been rocking in support of their unibrowed star. Pretty awesome. I don’t care who puts on a mask… Anthony Davis’ doppelganger … Continue reading

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