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“Broncos Face Charges”

Maybe they’re predicting a multi-player arrest? #MinorityReport RT @ChargersSDavis: Spelling, close. pic.twitter.com/OqJ2wFUfvo — Brady Phelps (@LobShots) October 23, 2014 I laughed. Go Bolts. -bp

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Congrats, Peyton

Chargers lost, but at least Peyton Manning won’t break the touchdown record against them. That’s the only bright side to playing the Broncos on a short week after losing to the Chefs at home. -bp

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This Dude Feels Worse Than the Broncos This Morning…

I don’t know if this is even real, but if it is… guarantee this guy feels worse than any Broncos players this morning. What an absolute bashing by the Seahawks. Insanely boring game, and the commercials were meh. Very hit … Continue reading

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First Attempt at a Peyton Manning Pancake…

Looks like Herman Munster… so, to make it look more like Peyton…. ketchup. -bp

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Super Bowl XLVIII Pancakes

What’s the point of making pancakes if you’re not gonna have a little fun with it? *update: thanks to Paul Lukas at Uni Watch for linking up this post… it was a great compliment when he thought these were made … Continue reading

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Top Notch Chargers vs. Broncos Playoff Coverage From Fox 5 San Diego

I didn’t see the clip. I don’t know what they talked about. I just know that Darren Smith and Leslie Marcus tweeted out these screengrabs… there’s a live donkey, a fake cheerleader, and fake writing in the sky… and the rest is … Continue reading

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Shaun Phillips Trolls Chargers Fans…

I got an idea, Shaun Phillips… shut yer mouf. -bp

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Is This The Cockiest Tweet of All Time?

Thanks for the warning, posted directly outside our locker room. It would seem we took all the precaution necessary! pic.twitter.com/JaMenf3xlt — John Spanos (@JohnDeanSpanos) December 13, 2013 That’s a tweet from John Dean Spanos, the Chargers Executive Vice President of Football … Continue reading

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That’s Not a Vuvuzela

When in Rome? -bp [ht busted coverage]

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Just Hand Keenan Allen the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award Now

You just got hurdled, dude. Amazing. I think my favorite part though is the dude waiting for him when he comes down looks like a fool. He tried to catch Keenan like a punt returner catches the football. End result? … Continue reading

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